Reinforcing Your Impact

You want to boost your professional impact, but have no idea where to start? Everything starts with who you really are. Your DNA, your core qualities, your authenticity, in short: your footprint.

Véronique is your sparring partner. She’ll look at you with an eagle’s eye to pinpoint where the shoe pinches. She will make a made-to-measure training programme for you that will help you interact more efficiently, more smoothly and more pleasantly.

Véronique will observe you and your current way of interacting. She will provide personal feedback and point out your pitfalls. She will adapt her programme to fit your needs!

Véronique has the gift of boosting the people in her group to achieve better results. Her approach is safe, inspirational and fun.

Based on her observations and your needs, a wide range of options are possible: How to boost your introduction, efficient networking, public speaking, how to boost your sales by working on your customer experience, how to make an unforgettable impression, body language, assertiveness, etc. All in line with your personal needs and requirements.

In short, following these sessions, you will act more strategically and with more awareness, which is more efficient.
You will not have changed as a person, but you will have learned how to create your own success.

Sign up now for a personal coaching session, an open training class, or request a quote tailor-made to your company or organisation.

Bob Vermeir

Manager communicatie & Algemeen woordvoerder at VRT

Véronique is één en al enthousiasme. Aanstekelijk enthousiasme! Toen ik haar de eerste keer aan het werk zag, tijdens een opleiding van Expert Academy, was ik onmiddellijk in de ban van haar gedrevenheid en haar positivisme. Zo doet ze zelf wat ze verkondigt. Ze haalt mensen uit hun comfortzone, houdt ze een spiegel voor en doet ze (opnieuw) geloven in hun kunde. Meteen de juiste basis om ‘personal impact’ te realiseren. Véronique brengt haar boodschap op een heldere en to-the-point manier. Ik ben oprecht blij dat ik haar heb leren kennen en op haar een beroep mag doen.

Steven Luysterborg

Consultant Trainer at Resultact

J’ai plusieurs fois fait appel aux services de Véronique lors des formations commerciales. Elle prenait soin de la partie ‘Impact’ des participants.
Les réactions étaient à chaque fois excellentes.
Véronique comprend vraiment comment parler du non-verbal, de la première impression et de l’aspect d’une personne, avec la délicatesse et le respect nécessaires.
Les participants sont ravis et prêts à mettre ses conseils réellement en place, grâce à son enthousiasme et son expertise.

Inge Huijbrechts

Global Vice President Responsible Business at Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

The coaching with Brand New Impact is efficient and time well spent. It gives the coachee more self-confidence in appearing before a camera (moving or still) and audience.

For the company, it ensures that the coachee expresses the company quality and overall image in personal appearance.


These detailed topics can be booked as a group or individually.
If you want to compose your own training, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can always make use of the KMO-portefeuille.



How are you described when you are not present?
Can you steer this? Can you actually influence people to say the things about you that you want to be known for?
The answer is: ‘Yes, you can!’
Personal branding is about actively positioning yourself and highlighting your strong points, interests and values so that others know why they can get help from you and can trust your approach.


The aim is to render a powerful version of yourself by making conscious choices.
You do this by employing your talents optimally and allowing them to work for you. Before long, new business partners will immediately see what you stand for and current partners will refer new contacts to you.


We start with your ‘brand’, your current personal brand!
We are going to link your unique qualities, skills, interests and values to your achievements and we will map them.
Together we will look for the aspects of yourself that you want to highlight in order to create ambassadors. You will map out your path strategically in order to draw up a concrete action plan. This plan is completely customised so that you know which steps are priorities.


  • Map yourself with your most important, unique values, qualities, interests and achievements
  • Become aware of your ‘self communication’
  • Translate your dreams into actions
  • Learn to think conceptually to get your strategy started
  • Tackle your total communication: in words, deeds and voice techniques so that you learn to communicate congruously
  • You’ll receive feedback on how you come across now
  • Draw up your ‘personal branding pitch’
  • Discuss networking in real life and online
  • Concrete action plan for now and for the future


After this session you will be aware of your talents, especially of how you want to use them in order to establish your personal brand. The result is that you purposefully use your own strength and that others recognise you for what you want.
People will have more faith in you and business partners will be drawn in by what you consciously highlight. This will enable you to realise your dreams in the future.


If you want to pursue your dream job tomorrow then it is best to get started on your personal brand today!



Are you full of talent but find it difficult to show this? Do your legs tremble when you have to speak in front of colleagues? Do you dismiss compliments? Do you want to find your own strength?


Give insight into how to adapt your communication to the reality of who you are in order to obtain more impact.


After having observed the posture and attitude of others, you start with your current self-image, your qualities, talents and achievements. Being aware of your self-perception and how others see you is the starting point for planning actions that will give yourself more impact. In this safe practice environment we give you constructive feedback so that you can tailor your current image to reality. YouÕll also learn how you can give others a more powerful image of yourself with your body language and attitude.


  • Analyse how we see others
  • Map yourself with your important values, qualities, interests and achievements
  • Become aware of your communication with yourself
  • Translate how you want to come across into concrete actions
  • Feedback on your current impact
  • Tackle your total communication: verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal so that you learn to communicate congruously
  • Learn to introduce yourself by applying the tips we discussed
  • Concrete action plan to remain conscious of the steps you must take


After this workshop you are aware that you have talents. You learn to communicate these talents to yourself and to physically express them. After the workshop, your acquaintances will see that you leave a self-assured impression and will believe in your competences even more.


If you want more impact in your current or future job then this workshop is for you.



Do you want to convey your message clearly? Do you want people to listen to you when you give a presentation? What impact do you want to have via your presentation? Do you want to feel more comfortable in front of an audience? Do you want to actively involve your colleagues in your meeting?

When the time comes, you want to be ready to captivate your audience and to have the desired impact.


This training session increases your ability to communicate pleasantly and convincingly. We will support your personal flair with several practical skills.


We work very interactively and in a small group so that can practice in a safe environment and make progress.
It is an instructive yet fun workshop. Successful experiences will give you confidence and a boost.


  • Making contact with the audience
  • Creating context in your presentation
  • Posture and attitude
  • Non-verbal and paraverbal communication
  • Structuring the content of your presentation
  • Interaction with the audience
  • Quotes, conclusion and ways to wrap up the presentation


After this training session you will feel ready to convey your message in a natural, clear and relaxed manner.


If you have a special lecture coming up for colleagues, clients or the press then this workshop is what you are looking for.



Do you want people that you know to introduce you to new contacts?
Do you want to expand your network? Do you want to intermingle easily when company is present?


How far you get in life is determined by who you are and… who you know.
Those who are able to network fluently and efficiently have the building blocks to increase their own market value.


First we start with the question of why you want to network.
Then you will gain insight into how you put together the ideal ‘introduction pitch’ and you’ll get practical tips to explore the world of networking more self-confidently.
The course is very interactive so that you learn to network in a concrete manner and in line with your objectives.


  • Becoming aware of why you want to network and what you can achieve through networking
  • The realisation that you are the beginning of the information that you pass on about yourself
  • Map yourself with your important values, qualities, interests and achievements
  • How do you build a network?
  • How do you make sure that your network works for you?
  • Tackle your total communication: verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal so that you learn to communicate congruously
  • We give feedback on your current networking methods
  • Draw up your ‘personal network pitch’
  • Networking offline
  • Concrete action plan to expand your network and keep it up-to-date


You will communicate more consciously and you’ll make much more efficient use of your network.
After this session you are aware that your network is crucial in order to advance in the future.


Everyone needs a network. In the future we will work with people who are recommended to us. If you currently don’t have any ambassadors who recommend you then don’t hesitate to sign up for this session today.

You can book the above as:

Personal Coaching Session: 1.5 – 3 hours for 1 person
Customised coaching session with a minimum of 3 sessions

In Company Training: 3 – 6 hours for 2-15 people
Customised interactive training session in your company on this subject with examples, exercises and concrete tips.

In Company Dynamic Keynote: 1 – 3 hours for 2-200 people
Customised dynamic keynote speech in your company on this subject.

Open training




Customer oriented

We work together with these companies on a regular basis:

Véronique Hoex is an expert in Communication.

Throughout my whole life, ‘people’ have been central to everything that I do. I enjoy interacting with others; when we understand each other’s worlds and inspire each other. Communicating and making a connection is part of my DNA. That’s my asset – I get along well with people. I studied something that focuses on “people”: physiotherapy.

During my advanced master programme at the VUB and KUL I learned to analyse movements and to understand body language. I acquired the necessary knowledge into setting up a personalised action plan in order to achieve pre-determined results. That was my initial basis to help people bring out the best in themselves.

Due to my enthusiasm and my way with words, after my studies I seized the opportunity to merge my medical background with various commercial positions. Sales and PR experiences taught me how important it is to make a good connection, create trust and actively listen to my discussion partner

I call it ‘inspiring communication’ and since then I have learned more about it. I focused on communication training sessions, presentation techniques, image, non-verbal communication, camera training, sales, use of social media, humour, dynamics, voice techniques, etc.
I became aware that it is crucial to align all facets of communication. Doing this consequently gave people confidence in what I had to offer and it increased my impact … my ‘personal brand’ was born.

I enjoy it when I can inspire people and help them find the motivation in themselves to get started. That action brings them closer to who they really are and what they have to offer.

Today I coach and counsel others in a professional context. I teach others how to increase their impact, how to communicate powerfully and rousingly, how to create or optimise their personal brand and how to network efficiently.

I am proud that I make a living from my passion and I wish you the same!

SME portfolio

These subjects can be booked for both individual and group sessions.
Do you want to put together a programme yourself? Do not hesitate and get in touch with us.
You can apply for an SME portfolio.


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