Hello, my name is Véronique!

I help healthcare professionals become strong, confident speakers, allowing them to convey their message clearly, convincingly and with impact. Even when the subject matter is complex. Even when the audience is demanding.

New ideas, experiences and valuable knowledge deserve to be shared. And I’m happy to help out.

It’s okay to make mistakes

Shy. Insecure. Nervous. That’s how I felt the first time I took the floor in front of an audience. Each time, I would prepare well and still make every single mistake in the book. But that’s fine. It taught me what worked and what didn’t. I discovered what every speaker struggles with and how to solve it.

Focus on healthcare

Healthcare has always fascinated me. During my sports physiotherapy studies at university, I learned to analyse movements and understand body language. I gained knowledge of anatomy and exercise science and learned how to set up a personalised action plan to achieve predetermined results. From there, I started to help people get the best out of themselves and achieve their goals. I still do that today. With a lot of love and enthusiasm.

Help people take action

I’m also passionate about being an instructor and coach. I got a taste for it when working as a ski instructor in Austria as a teenager. After my physiotherapy studies, it became part of my professional life, when I trained doctors and pharmacists as a medical delegate.

Enthousiast, geestig, inspirerend en motiverend. Véronique is het allemaal.

Passionate about public speaking

My confidence grew and speaking in front of a group became second nature to me. I became passionate about public speaking. I’ve given hundreds of presentations, and still do so with great pleasure.

Life’s work

I began to realise that I enjoyed promoting people more than products. As speaking is my thing, in 2006, I decided to make training and coaching speakers my life’s work.
I’ve trained and coached hundreds of professionals, mainly in healthcare. Whether they’re an MSL or a professor who’s been asked to speak at a major conference, I help every speaker receive the recognition they deserve.

Experience it yourself

Contact me for an informal talk. Let’s have a look at where you are now as a speaker, what you’re up against and where you want to go. I’ll make you a no-obligation proposal that will take you to the next level.


(also for group sessions)