Training and coaching of
healthcare professionals

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Don’t be passed over by colleagues and competitors who did develop their presentation skills.
Your knowledge and experience are valuable and need to be shared. And you deserve to tell your story. Share your expertise and your vision. Clearly, convincingly and with impact.
We teach you how to win over your audience through your authenticity and confidence. We tackle what you need at your pace. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve in only three hours.

Individually or in group, offline or online: I only provide bespoke training and coaching sessions

“New ideas, experiences and valuable knowledge deserve to be shared.
And I’m happy to help out.”

Training and coaching of keynote speakers in healthcare 

(EN – FR – DU)

Do you want to be that keynote speaker who wins over the audience and turns an event into a truly unforgettable event? Do you want to grab your audience, excite, inspire and motivate them with a touch of humour? 
I make sure you surprise and dazzle your listeners in your own way, through new insights, experiences, solutions and ideas. And with stories that are so unforgettable people will still be talking about them years later.
Healthcare Keynote speakers want to work with me because I: 

  • know the sector well: I speak their language and that of their audience
  • prepare thoroughly: I want to fully understand you and your story
  • have given keynotes myself for many years and know what works well and what doesn’t.

Let’s make this a fantastic experience together

Public speaking can be a great experience, lifting you to unprecedented heights. Or a traumatising event that will haunt you forever. I’m here to make sure it’s a great experience.
I train and coach you until you master your subject matter and are able to deliver your message clearly, convincingly and with impact, be it in a face-to-face meeting or in front of a packed auditorium.


(also for group sessions)